2023/2024 Results

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Season Points claculations have changed. Season Points will be earned on the following days:


Other Event

10 September

Opening Day

24 September

Season Points only

1 October

Season Points only

29 October

Season Points only

11 February

Season Points only

3 March

Season Points only

17 March

GBC Leg of the East Auckland Series

7 April

Season Points only

21 April

Closing Day


Notes: [1] There is one race discarded for every five races sailed. [2] Sailors attending an approved regatta (e.g. NZIODA ranking regattas, Starling Traveller Series) are scored AAR (Absent Approved Regatta) with 50% of DNC points. [3] The GBC leg of the East Auckland Starling and Optimist Series races counts as GBC Season Points races. However, only GBC boats are considered when calculating GBC Season Points series scores. For example, if you’re fifth in a race but you’re the second GBC boat, you score 2.

For scoring queries, contact Paul Webber at paul.webber@wedgewoodwhite.com