“The Home of the Starling”

The Glendowie Boating Club has responsibility for administration of the Starling class. The Starling class yacht was designed for teenagers in order to bridge the gap between junior classes such as the P class and Optimist and the adult classes. There is a national Starling championship held each year in April, where it is not unusual to have a fleet of more than 100 boats.

GBC has a thriving class of Starlings, and a varied and fun racing and sailing programme. This is one of the largest active fleets in NZ.  We have a very strong Open Fleet and also support a tremendous Development fleet (like the Optimist Green class). Many of our sailors participate in regattas and others simply enjoy sailing only at GBC.

We welcome new sailors to join us. It is possible for active sailing members to store their boats in lockers at GBC for an annual fee, subject to space being available.

GBC coaches run weekly training sessions on Tuesday evenings during the sailing season, where we are joined by young sailors from other nearby clubs. We welcome new participants.

The club owns 3 Starlings which are available to lease. Lease terms available on request.

Starling Convenor

For more information please contact our Starling Convenor:

Rob Hughes