Holiday Programme

This Introduction to Sail programme is offered as a Holiday programme, which is a 5 day, 3 1/2 hours per day course held in the school holidays using a club optimist training dinghy. Parents are not required to be present for this programme, although parents are welcome at any time. Sailors are advantaged in the long term if parents take an active interest in learning rigging and basic techniques.

The dates for the next School Holiday Introductiont to Sail programmes are:

  • Sunday 19th December to Thursday 23rd December 2021 inclusive (9am briefing)
  • Monday 24th January to Friday 28th January 2022 inclusive (1pm briefing)
  • Monday 25th April to Friday 29th April 2022 inclusive (1pm briefing) 

The cost of the course is $360.00 per sailor and includes the use of a club Optimist training dinghy and all coaching fees.  Registrations can only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Learn to Sail Checklist

This is a list of the gear you need to bring along for your Learn to Sail course.
It doesn’t need to be flash – but you need to be prepared for both sunny and cooler conditions.

  • Wetsuit – short arms/short legs allows flexibility but if you already have another type it will work fine.
  • Thermals – long sleeves and leggings to wear under the wetsuit on cold days.
  • Wind and spray jacket – some wetsuits only provide limited wind protection.
  • Rash shirt – or other quick drying sun protection.
  • Lifejacket – if you have one. If not the Club can provide this.
  • Footwear – wetsuit booties or rock hopper footwear if you have it. Old sneakers or sandals are also fine.
  • Hats – sunhat or cap and a beanie for the colder days.
  • Food – water bottle and snacks.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Towel.
  • A full change of warm clothing.
  • A pen to write with.
  • The weather forecast for the day.
  • Any medication or allergy advice (to be passed to the coach on arrival)

Remember it may be colder on the water than on deck so be prepared.

Bring ample snacks and drinks.

Come down to the club on Sundays or get in contact with Anthony McBride, Learn to Sail Coordinator Ph 021 521 013